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Why did I wait so long to get a massage here?! Nakahili is amazing. As a farmer I abuse my body daily and she hit all the right spots to melt my pain away. So thankful for her careful and skilled work. Definitely recommend!

-Karen M.

Hey Chris! I thought I should let you know that Emma was talking about you specifically, after leaving the other night. She said, with a warmth I probably can't duplicate in a review, "I really really like him - he makes me feel so comfortable - he's just really calm and reassuring and I feel like I know him - like know who he is as a person and it's all good." 

-Deborah Ann

Ian just did my first tattoo and I absolutely love it! He was so sweet and professional, I would 100% go back and get another one done when I come back to Cville. 

-Victoria T.


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