Shari Rood

I started painting years ago, before I started practicing Reiki as medicine to help myself and others. The paintings had a therapeutic effect while I was working on them and afterward, looking at them. You will notice a lot of vibrant blues, greens, reds, etc. The paintings with the smaller boxes within were inspired by Mexican religious altars that I saw in California and New Mexico. I call them panel paintings.

The abstract paintings are mostly representative of nature, such as the sea, trees, woods and the like. I tried to instill a sense of movement in each piece.

I recently started painting again after a hiatus and I wanted to call the series Flora and Fauna because my very happiest times are sitting in nature with plants and animals. I especially love birds. I have tried to instill my love of nature in these latest pieces.

--Shari Rood   

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Shari Rood Exhibit

Scotty Wilson

Scotty Wilson was born in Washington D.C. in 1972, during an era that saw the rise of disco, bell bottoms, culture change and the rapid growth of technology. His curiosity for art and its many forms began at an early age watching his father paint. His father was a talented man, and yet up until the day he passed, he did not sell one single piece of his work he just gave them all away! At just four years old, his father gave him his first 8mm Film video camera, and thus, his electrifying journey into the artworld began. As the years went by he found himself intrigued by the ambiguous world of art, and the manner in which it both influences, and inspires us as a society. Scotty spent his high school years as a skateboard photographer and went to VCU school of the arts. where he majored in film, He later made a career as a cinematographer working with Grammy award winning artists and directing and editing feature films and broadcast Emmy award winning Television shows in Los Angeles California. "The day My Father Called and said he had cancer was the day I left the entertainment industry." Scott moved Back to Virginia where he buried his father and was left with 100s of his paintings dating as far Back as 1970. "I'm so glad I Started Painting, It's been so cathartic, its saved my life literally." For someone who has never really painted and just started during the pandemic...

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Scotty Wilson Exhibit


Bathed In Light

The Birthing
$5,000 *sold

1000 Faces


Dana Frostick

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Dana Frostick studied at Virginia Commonwealth University in the 1980s. She majored in sculpture, but painting and drawing have always been her primary forms of expression. She has combined these two media in her "Elaborate Doodles" which she has been producing exclusively since 2007. Her work has been accepted into and won awards in juried shows on the local, regional and national levels. Since 2000, Frostick has exhibited her work in over a dozen solo shows and dozens of group shows at venues in Richmond and around the United States. She is a member of artspace, a non-profit gallery for contemporary arts in Richmond, VA, since June, 2000; past-president of the gallery from 2004-2005; webmaster for since 2000. Frostick is an avid bicyclist, commuting to her studio and taking local trips around Richmond. She spends most of her free time doting on her cats.

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Exhibit Dates
2/6/21 - 5/1/21

Dana Frostick Exhibit

Effusive Eruption 

Sea Horse

Fundamental Subspace

Bony Fish Scales

Flying Cuttlefish

Mythic Origins

Parachute the Shark

Rodential Pachyderm

Sedimentary Leopard